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Tsuen Wan, New Territories

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Quote Number h-q20190931
Quote Date 18.01.2020
Total $300,000.00
Wintex Electrical Limited

Unit B, 7/F, Tai Tak Industrial Building, 2-12 Kwai Fat Road,
Kwai Chung, New Territories, Hong Kong

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1 eShop Online Shopping

Design and develop online shopping with key functions of :
• List of product items with classifications, e.g. Lighting, Electronic accessories products, and etc.
• Customer registration, edit profile (address, phone, etc.) change password, etc.
• Customer login and place order with different payment methods.
• Payment with payment method of : Paypal, AsiaPay,
• Include user groups for B2B, B2C and internal sales.
• History of online shopping.
• Deployment of the system.
• 30 days warranty.

1 Inventory & Delivery Management

• Inventory Management System
o User make order through eShop and notify Manager through Mobile alert and email.
o Create order and delivery note for delivery.
o Create store / inventory control.
o Inventory Management and alert of stock shortage.
• Inventory control, alert storage and stock, monitoring, and tracking of delivery items.
o Scan and count products items digitally.
o Identify pieces of inventory with a unique serial number.
o Track inventory levels across multiple locations.
o Enable seamless ordering such as automatically setting custom reorders of best-sellers.
• Create delivery note for delivery and system will update transaction history.
• System administration that allows user to upload new items.

1 System Administration & Hosting

• Arrangement of Mobile/Web Hosting including server, email, database, and etc.
• Hosting include security protection.
• System administration allow user to setup new user profiles, user account, reset password, etc.
• System administration allow user to update, upload, edit, new/existing item in eShop, Inventory & Delivery Management System, POS, and Accounting.
• System administration allow user to upload new product item, images, and specification details.
• 30 days warranty.

Sub Total $300,000.00
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Total $300,000.00

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