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Quote Number h-q2020202020060579974
Quote Date 11.09.2020
Total $420,000.00


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1 Internal System

Internal System
System Overview
Interchangeable English/Traditional Chinese Language Interface
Multi-User Support
Multi-Currency Support
Customised UI/UX for each Module with emphasis on Graphical Visualization of Data Flow Multi-Level user access
Security Control
Customized Report for different permission
Provide Approval Flow control management
Provide Customized Order Flow tracking management
Web-based Design for Mobile and Desktop
Based on Microsoft .Net Framework
Database Architecture with Microsoft SQL Database
Handles different units of measurement and pricing for each item within a single order
Allows complex computation of product price using price tables for customer segmentation and purchase cost
Supports discount and charges
Allows multiple shipments and partial shipment
Handles foreign currencies at the transaction level and customer level
Conversion of quotation to sales order
Sales deposit tracking
Provide Multiple shipment address support for customer
Provide back-to-back purchase order or job order
Supports sales order information amendment even after the order has been confirmed
Supports draft mode
Sales Quotation
Sales Order
E-mail Quotation and Sales order to customer
E-mail / Print Delivery Note
Summary: Sales by Customer, product
Sort: Sales by date, order value
Reporting: Sales Order, Sales Value, Gross Margin, dynamic / comparative stats by day, week, month, year or customised
time frame
Handles different units of measurement and pricing for each item within a single purchase order
Allows maintenance of vendors' product catalogs and price lists, historical and current
Supports discount, and charges
Allows multiple receipts and partial receipts
Handling foreign currencies at the transaction level and vendor level
Set permission on user with buyer’s authority
Payment deposit tracking
Incoming purchase inspection verification
Supports purchase order templates and reorder from previously used purchase order
Supports purchase order information amendment even after the order has been confirmed
Flexible handling of non-confirmed quantities, which can be cancelled or put on back-order
Purchase Order
Supports draft mode
E-mail Purchase order to vendor
Summary: Sales by Vendor, product
Sort: PO Receipts by date, purchase value
Reporting: PO Value, Average PO Value, Average shipment performance, dynamic / comparative stats by day, week,
month, year or customised time frame
Maintains products, product grouping, and warehouse information
Allows for unit conversions
Supports for multiple units of measurements
Processes inventory receipt, issuance, transfer, and adjustment
Supports for reservation lists from unconfirmed sales order
Keeps track of item cost for each product
Supports moving average and standard costs
Supports first-in-first-out
Supports for low inventory notification
Improves stock accuracy by implementing cycle counting at set intervals
Categorize invoice and expense type
Handles periodically recurring transactions such as rental and salary
Integrates fully with Sales, Purchases, and Inventory to coordinate sales invoices and purchasing invoices
Summarizes deposit, discount, and charges
Supports customer credit control
Selects invoices for payment allocation in case of pre-payment, partial payment and over-payment
Over-payment will be stored in the customer credit for future sales during sales, and stored in vendor credit for future
purchase orders
Supports item discount, trade discount and payment discount in % and dollar amount
Selects manually or automatically invoices for payment allocation
Put payment to suspension list and user authority to override the suspension
Invoice Report
Expense Report
Manage leads and identify key contacts
See a clear, customisable view of all your sales details
Log emails, calls, and meetings and view conversation history
Automatically enrich lead profiles
Custom sales activities
Personalized email templates
Handles different segments of customer and product price computation for each segment
Keep track of quotation to sales order
Sales deposit tracking
Supports draft mode
Manage customer profile
Interchangeable English/Traditional Chinese Language Interface
Single Currency Support
Web design photos and text are provided by Hip Wo
Supports numerous payment methods from bank deposit, credit card, paypal, wechat pay, alipay
Supports promo code generator
Supports shipping fee calculator by region, product weight
Supports discount based on the number of products in cart, amount in cart
Customised UI/UX web design and production for 15 - 20 pages
Responsive design for Mobile and Desktop and Tablets
Handles unlimited number of products and product categories
Handles product sorting with item name and price
Product filtering with key product attributes and categories
Support keyword product search
Member login and registration for order tracking and profile editing
SSL certificate (basic)

Sub Total $420,000.00
Tax $0.00
Total $420,000.00

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