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WinJet Booking Management System

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1 Content Management System

- An internal platform for administrators to manage all entities of the project. Admins can input data, e.g. courses, student and payment etc, into the system, and maintain their interactions and statuses through the online platform.

- Course category management
· Has course category description
· Has 1 or many courses
· Top level categorization for online application browsing

- Course management
· Belong to a course category
· Has course description
· Has lessons
-Lesson is a session of a course
· Has particular date and time
· Duration (minutes)
-Each lesson is assigned to a teacher
· Tuition fee scheme by lesson
-Is held in a center location
-Lesson application
· Manual apply by administrators on CMS
· Online reservation from parent portal when payment supporting document is uploaded
-Lesson quota management
· Has limited number of quota, student cannot apply for a lesson if no quota is left
· Statuses of quota
Applied - paid but not yet approved, need further approval or rejection.
Confirmed - the student is approved to attend the lesson

- Student management
· Hold the credential for parent portal login
· Associate to a contact person (parent)
· Sensitive information will not be displayed on teacher portal
· Non-sensitive info will be display on teacher portal for teacher’s reference
-Student name
-Education level
-Special needs
· Has Reply slips
-For parents to fill-in / sign / acknowledge
-Has deadline, reply slips have not being signed before deadline will be marked as overdue
· Has Invoices
-List invoices as payment history
-Has a unique link to show to parents without login
-Can be marked as refunded (for rejected lesson application)
-Can be marked as paid
-Can generate receipt for paid invoice
· Students can enroll to lessons
-Each enrollment must link with a paid invoice

- Contact person management
· Can associate to a student (as a parent, otherwise as a lead)
· Has contact information
· Has application forms
-Each one is tailor-made for parent
-Has a unique link for sharing
-Can be filled without login
· Pending to submit - new form that is waiting parent to submit
· Submitted - the parent had filled in the form and submitted to the system
-Response can be shown

- Teacher management
· Can be assigned to lessons
· Has teacher information

- Center location management
· Can hold lessons
· Has center information

- Master Calendar
· All the lessons will be added into the calendar

1 Parent Portal

- Parents can filling in application forms and check their up-coming lessons on this platform. They can also browse the lessons and apply for it and make payment here.

- Require login, except application forms

- Show application forms

- Show enrolled lessons on calendar

- Reply slips
· Show reply slips
· Fill-in the slips and submit
· Has unique link for easy sharing but require login

- Handle payment
· Show invoices and receipts
· Refunds (for rejected lesson application)
· Payment supporting document can be uploaded for an invoice

- Online lesson application
· Show course categories
· Browse and select course under course category
· Listing all lessons which still have quota
· Apply for lessons by making a payment to reserve a quota through uploading payment supporting document
· Check application status

1 Teacher Portal

- Summary of the up-coming lesson for teachers. Student info of their lessons will be provided for lesson preparation.

- Require login

- Calendar to show assigned lessons

- Assigned lessons
· Show lesson information
· Student information of the lesson (non-sensitive info)

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