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Quote Number h-q2020202020060581213
Quote Date 14.01.2021
Total $300,000.00
Adventure Catering Limited

Web based ERP system for Restaurant & Food ordering website

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
1 Web-based ERP System Core Module

- Web-based system, no installation required
- Role-based authentication with password login
- Roles:
- Admin User (Restaurant Owner)
- Staff User
- Serverless architecture
- UI & UX Design
- Responsive layout
- System deployment
- Web-based system will be SSL enabled
- Bugfix & maintenance for 6 months
- Language: Chinese

1 Web-based ERP System Authentication Module

- Login with email and Password
- Implemented by Google Firebase Authentication

1 Web-based ERP System Human Resources Module

Human Resources module aims at tracking expenses relating to manpower, both
full-time and part-time staff. The module is expected to accept both salarybased
and hourly-rate remuneration packages, and be able to auto-generate the
MPF record for further process.
Admin can:
- view, add, edit, remove employee
- view, add, edit, remove salary
- view, add, edit, remove timesheet (for non-salary based staff)
- search remuneration record by staff id
- compile MPF payment information from salaries and timesheet record
Staff can:
- view salary record
- view, add, edit, timesheet record

1 Web-based ERP System Roster Module

Roster module allows admin users to allocate manpower. Admin users can plan
ahead and schedule the staff to meet different business environments, and make
special arrangements during peak hours or holidays.
Admin can:
- view, add, edit, remove employee
- view, add, edit, remove special work hour rate
- add, remove staff to on-duty timeslot
- approve, reject staff leave request
Sub Total 250,000.00
Total HKD250,000.00
# Item & Description Qty Rate Amount
Staff can:
- view roster
- request leave
- view leave approval status

1 Online Ordering Website

Online ordering website aims at developing a client-facing website for customers
to order food and self-pickup. It allows customers to pre-order the food, and
come to the shop to pickup, which shortens the waiting time and provides an
overall better shopping experience.
Customer can:
- browse food menu
- add, remove food to shopping cart
- select pickup time
- checkout using credit card
Admin can:
- view, add, edit, remove food menu
- view, add, edit, remove available pickup time
Staff can:
- view order
- edit order status

Sub Total $300,000.00
Tax $0.00
Total $300,000.00

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