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Value Partners Group Limited

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Total Service Fee for Stage 1 - 3mths : HKD$ $225,000

Subscript Hazedawn 3 Years contract will cover the Out of Scope Items.

Additional Cost might required for speedup the development proccess.

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
1 Professional Service_ Building_IT Systems_for_ETF_Funds_Mthly Services

Senior Application Architect:

- One Senior Application Architect to provide application design within Hong Kong business days

Application developer Resource:

- One application developer to provide application development within Hong Kong business days

Project Manager and business analyst Resource:

- One Project Manager and business analyst to Provide project management services within Hong Kong business days

Stage 1 - For first mth services Cover – Build a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) for Bitcoin ETF application:

A.   Design and planning phase (1 Months)

1.     Design Stage

·       Conduct project kick-off meeting.

·       To understand as-is Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF) workflow and environment.

·       Technical workshop I – To gather technical information for design proposal.

·       Technical workshop II – To define a comprehensive process.

·       Define and confirm functional and non-functional requirements based on as-is features of Subscription, Redemption and Reporting.

·       A scalable and product extendable TO-BE design proposal.

·       Detail project timeline, milestone, and migration plan.

·       Deliverable: High-Level Architecture Design Document.

A.   Building Build a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) Bitcoin Application (2 Months)

1.     Preparation and Development Stage

·       Define one Azure subscription to deploy supporting infrastructure.

·       Settle access to VPG environment and creation of testing and service accounts.

·       Define and implement data models to support the application design.

·       Create and define data schema.

·       Define SIT, UAT and Production Environment.

·       Deployment and configuration of required Azure Resources for each environment.

·       Settle connection between system on network level.

·       Prepare SSL certificates for Internet-facing portal and API services.

·       Detailed application UI/UX finalization.

·       Draft of prototype flow diagram and detailed design.

·       Develop MVP bitcoin ETF application.

·       Deliverable: Low-Level Architecture Design Document and MVP Bitcoin ETF application.

Stage 2 - Onward Services to cover gold / bitcoin ETF apps development and feature enhancement (After 3 month)

1.     Enablement Stage

·       Frontend development based on Figma.

o   Modern user interface for operations and reports.

o   Debugging and testing of browser frontend.

·       Backend system development and integration development using AKS containers.

o   Construct RESTful APIs for CRUD operations.

o   Define and construct APIs for common operations for each use case.

To Automatic ETL workflow to draw data from other internal service.

·       Database Integration

o   Configure connection strings and network connectivity.

o   Existing data migration.

o   Migrated files integrity validation.

o   Data synchronization to VIPER.

·       Security Enhancement

o   Setup user roles and permissions for user groups.

o   Azure AD integration.

o   Setup internal SSL certificate on web server.

·       Integration Test and Report

o   API testing.

o   Single Sign-On (SSO) testing.

o   Report testing.

Deliverable: Finalized Low-Level Architecture Design Document

1.     Onboarding Stage

·       Beta launch of application to selected users.

·       Beta feedback on application and revision.

·       Define UAT acceptance criteria.

·       Perform UAT and provide report.

·       Deployment and production go-live.

·       System Admin and Operation Manual.

·       Skill transfer session and operational handover.

·       Deliverable: UAT Test Report

Stage 2.1 - Additional Feature

A.   New Product/Feature Release and Support

·       Additional new functions and features solution for BAU support.

·       Additional setup and configuration on solution-related area.

·       Professional advisory on technical questions.

·       Troubleshooting solution-related usage issues.

Out of Scope Items in MVP Development Phase:

·       Support as-is VPFS subscription, redemption and reporting features revamp only. Additional features, advanced analytics and custom reporting features will not be included.

·       Development for 1 (one) selected ETF product only, i.e., for Gold Bar or Crypto. Multiple products will not be included.

·       Except for API integration, other integrated applications’ feature enhancement and development for system integration will not be included.

·       Importing extensive historical data for analysis or back-testing will not be included. The MVP will utilize current and relevant data only.

·       A mobile app version will not be included. The initial launch will focus on a web-based platform.

·       Multiple currencies will not be supported.

·       Multi-language and localization will not be supported.

·       High-Frequency Trading (HFT) or algorithmic trading functionalities will not be supported.


Subscribe HazeDawn 3 Years contract will cover the Out-of-Scope Items. Additional Cost might be required for speedup the development process and BAU support SLA. The current SLA of support service is 4 hours response and next business day follow up. Non office Hours is not cover in this SOW.

Sub Total $75,000.00
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Total $75,000.00

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