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Quote Number h-q19082019
Quote Date 19.08.2019
Total $638,000.00
Kit Shing Watch

Develop system tailor made for watch shops


Member management

Inventory management system

POS system

eShop App for iOS & Android

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1 eShop

1. Web revamp
2. shopping cart function
3. Support multiple payment methods
4. delivery options
5. Products can be made separately
6. Product Classification
7. Can place orders online, pick up at the store
8. Different promotion discounts can be set
9. Automatically send offer notifications
10. The product can be set in that ditch for sale (such as ESHOP or APP or POS)
11. Requires permission function, different account login functions are limited
12. There are different sales data reports
13. Guests can choose the shipping method
14. Online forms can be created (eg questionnaires and redemption registration)

1 Internal system

1. Sales management
2. Member management
3. Product management
4. App & Web mangement
5. POS product management

1 Server hosting - per year

Cloud hosting
2 server hosting for system and web hosting
1 backup server

Server spec – 1 core CPU, 4gb ram, 500 hdd – Ubuntu server

1 POS App - iOS

1. Member materials need to be synchronised with the online store
2. Can choose different payment methods
3. Check the inventory of different stores
4. You can make a transfer between the shop and the shop.
5. Damaged goods handling
6. Promote discounts to sync with online stores and mobile apps
7. Coupons
8. Manually adjust the discount (specific price and discount rate)
9. Employee attendance management

1 eShop native app - iOS & Android

1. Shopping cart function
2. Multiple payment methods
3. Members can check past orders
4. Shopping coupon function
5. Promotional offers (synchronized with online store and POS)
6. Can receive the latest news
7. Android and iOS versions

Sub Total $638,000.00
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Total $638,000.00