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Quote Number h-q2020202020060581243
Quote Date 19.01.2021
Total $278,000.00
Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation

Tailor-made Enterprise System Development + Website Design

- Design idea and concept on layout and UI design

- Basic stock photo would be included

- 2 round storyboard modifications are included


Website Structure:

Frontend: A web base interface to connect students(interns) and partners 

1. Student section 

2. Partners section 

3. Matching section 

4. Documentation section 


Backend: A web base interface to let the website owner(foster) to control the website 

1. Admin control dashboard 

2. Marketing Function and Feature 

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
1 Frontend pages features:

- Home Page
- About us
- Page of Internship program description
- Partners listing page
- Page of Global Interns case sharing
- Contact us page

1 System development:

Highlight Functions
- Unique Student & Partners Dashboard
- Newsletter Subscription
- Membership System
- User Management System

- Content Management System
- Matching system with logic implementation
- Facebook massager integration
- SMTP setting
- SEO setting
- Google analytics integration

Student Section
- Register and Login by email
- Forget password
- Application form for internship program (attribute control for AI matching)
- Payment gateway integration – Paypal standard
- Dashboard for student
- Able to edit or update personal information
- Activate the matching with partners ONLY after payment confirmed
- Check pending status of applied company
- Intern history

Partners Section
- Register and Login by email
- Forget password
- Application form for being partners (attribute control for AI matching)
- Dashboard for partner
- Profile setup (content of company introduction, upload company logo)
- Intern history
- Update the requirement of internship
- Notification of new internship application from students
- Approval system
Matching Section
- Design of the matching flow
- Partners information analytics
- Student information analytics
- Zoom integration
- Logic implementation (by 1. Available time 2. Country 3. Expectation 4. Interested in 5.

Professional area 6. Rank of preference) TBC The Flow of Matching
Assume there are Partners A, B, C
1. Student need to complete the application form with payment confirmed
2. Student will then activate the matching system
3. System starts matching the student with the partners according to the matching logic
4. Assumed that Partners A & C match the candidate, student can see these 2 companies and check their company profile and which post is opening
5. If student chose Partner A, he/she needs to tick the box of partner A and go next step
6. Student needs to choose their available time for the zoom interview (up to 3 time slots)
7. Partner A will receive the interview request from the candidate
8. Partner A check the provided time slot by the student and accept the time
9. Zoom interview arrangement
10. Matching success!

Documentation Section
- Assign document to specific partners and interns
- Documentation need to be completed by partners and interns (in .doc or .pdf format)
1. Internship Agreement
2. Recommendation Letter
3. Partner Evaluation Form
4. Timesheet
5. Mid-Term Progress Survey

6. Intern Feedback Survey
7. Intern Resume
- After downloaded the forms, upload the completed documents though their dashboard

Admin Control Dashboard
User Management System
1. Super admin (supervise all of the functions)
2. Staff (restriction in some of the functions, TBC)

Student Management System
1. Student database (name, registration date, base personal information)
2. Create / Edit / Delete student
3. Save student updated CV
4. Student expiration date of their internship program
5. The stats of the student (how many try of application, how many successful matching etc)

Partner Management System
1. Partners database (name, registration date, base company information)
2. Create / Edit / Delete partners
3. The stats of the partner (how many successful matchings etc.)

Control of Internship program
1. Create / Edit / Delete internship program
2. Create: the content about the internship program / the price of the internship program
3. The stats of the internship program (how many subscribes, total revenue of the program)

Document Management System
1. Add / Delete files
2. Check the submitted documents

Newsletter subscription list
Storage of enquiry form from website
Marketing function and feature
- 3 set of tailormade reports can be generated in xls or csv format (limited to the existing data from database)
- Google analytics implementation
- Facebook massager integration
- SMTP setting
- 3 sets of email templates
- One-time SEO setting

Basic Support device and language
- Chrome 80.0 or above
- Safari 13 or above
- Responsive view on iPhone, iPad with iOS 12.0 or above & android with Android OS8.0 or above
- Include desktop and responsive view
- Website Language: English Only

1 Nursing & Maintenance

- 1month of Nursing service is included
- 8 x 5 x Next Business Day
- Bug Fix
- 18% of original project price will be charged as extra year maintenance fee

Sub Total $278,000.00
Tax $0.00
Total $278,000.00

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