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Cloning Buildking website

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1 Cloning Buildking website

1. Analysis, Planning & Envirnoment Setup

Understand the layout, features, and how the content is dynamically loaded.

Define the content:
Decide which parts of the website with customer to clone the final version (e.g., homepage, contact page, etc.).

File structure:
Create a directory structure that mirrors the components you're cloning (HTML files, CSS for styling, JavaScript files for functionality).

2. Development, Testing and Debugging

Markup (HTML/HTMX):
Start by coding the static elements of the page. Use HTMX attributes for parts of the page that will be dynamic.

Styling (CSS/SCSS):
Replicate the original site's look and feel. Inspect the original site to understand the styling applied.

Scripting (JavaScript):
For functionalities that cannot be covered by HTMX alone, use JavaScript.

Responsive design:
Ensure the site is responsive to different screen sizes.

Cross-browser testing:
Check compatibility across different web browsers.

Optimize images, minify CSS and JavaScript, and use lazy loading where applicable.

Allow upload Document and create cms for content update

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Total $48,000.00

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