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Quote Date 08.02.2021
Total $9,600.00
Germany Trading Company

Mr. Lam

Terminal service access inhouse storage and programmes - 6 months subscription

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
1 Terminal Service Plus License (1 User CAL Package)

Function Overviews
- Citrix/RDS product available on all operating systems from XP to Windows 10 and Server 2003 to 2016.
- No need for Terminal Service (Remote Desktop Services) license.
- Support of 32 bit colors, dual-screen, bi-directional sound, USB devices.
- Enhanced AdminTool simplifies the server management process.
- Advanced Application Control by user and/or by group.
- Fast file transfer between the user PC and the Terminal server
- Extended remote printing capabilities made possible by Universal Printer.
- Load balancing and failover allow up to ten servers within one farm.
- Secured server communication (Hide server drives, RDP firewall, encryption).
- Seamless Application Publishing and Remote APP (such as Citrix or MS RDS).
- Internet Web Access using IE, Opera, Netscape, Filezilla.
- Secured Web Access with port forwarding over HTTP and HTTPS.
- HTML5 client enabling connection from IPAD and Android tablets.

1 Support (% of license price / year)

-Forum support and FAQ.
-Initial response time (During business hours) - 8 hours.
-Email support.
-Download and apply Software Updates.
-License rehosting.

1 Offsite OS Installation and Delivery

- Basic Installation.

Sub Total $9,600.00
Tax $0.00
Total $9,600.00

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