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The application will be a comprehensive event management platform, enabling users to register for events, choose seats, and receive QR codes for event entry. It will also equip administrators with tools to manage events and verify attendance.

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1 Event Management Web Application and Dashboard Development Specification

1. Web Application and Dashboard for Event Management
• Feature: Creation and management of events.
• Functionality:
• Admins can create and edit event details (date, time, location, description, seating chart).
• Interactive seating chart for users to select seats during registration.
• Dashboard for admins to view and manage event registrations and seating assignments.
2. User Registration and Login System
• Feature: Account creation and user authentication.
• Functionality:
• Users can register for an account using email and password.
• Login functionality with password recovery options.
• User profile management (edit personal information, view registered events).
3. QR Code Generation and Distribution
• Feature: QR code for event entry confirmation.
• Functionality:
• Upon successful event registration, users receive a unique QR code via email.
• The QR code represents their ticket and seat assignment.
• Option for users to download or print the QR code.
4. QR Code Scanning Application for Attendance Verification
• Feature: App for admins to scan QR codes.
• Functionality:
• A mobile application for admins to scan attendees' QR codes at event entry.
• Real-time verification and check-in system.
• Attendance tracking and reporting within the dashboard.
Technical Requirements
• Frontend: Responsive web design for accessibility on various devices.
• Backend: Secure server for handling user data and event information.
• Database: Robust database for storing user profiles, event details, and seating information.
• API Integration: For QR code generation and email services.
• Security: Implementation of best practices in data security and privacy.
Additional Features (Optional)
• Feedback System: Post-event feedback collection from attendees.
• Analytics: Dashboard analytics for tracking event engagement and attendee demographics.
• Social Integration: Option to share event participation on social media.
Development Phases
1. Requirement Analysis and Planning: Detailed analysis of requirements and project planning.
2. Design: UI/UX design for the web and mobile applications.
3. Development: Coding and implementation of the application features.
4. Testing: Rigorous testing for functionality, usability, and security.
5. Deployment: Deployment of the application on servers and app stores.
6. Maintenance: Ongoing maintenance and updates based on user feedback.
Project Timeline and Milestones
• The project will be divided into phases, each with specific deliverables and deadlines.
• Regular meetings and progress reports to ensure alignment with project goals.

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Total $100,000.00

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