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ESG Report Grading System - Development Specification


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1 1. System Overview

The ESG Report Grading System is a web application that provides users with the ability to grade ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) reports. The system will include features such as PDF uploading, automatic grading of reports, adjustment of grading criteria, and a PowerBI based dashboard for data visualization and report analysis.

1 2. System Requirements

2.1 Backend
The backend of the application will be developed using Node.js. The system should be capable of:

- Handling authentication and authorization.
- Processing PDF files (max 100 per upload).
- Performing grading operations on the uploaded reports.
- Offering CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) operations for grading criteria.
- Extracting necessary data from graded reports for dashboard visualization.
- Interacting with a PowerBI API to generate the dashboard.

2.2 Frontend

The frontend will communicate with the Node.js backend and present a user-friendly interface. It will allow users to:

- Authenticate and manage their sessions.
- Upload PDFs for grading.
- View and adjust the ESG report grading criteria.
- View the auto-graded results of their ESG reports.
- Access and interact with the PowerBI dashboard.

1 3. Core Functionalities

3.1 User Authentication

- User Registration: New users should be able to register an account.
- User Login: Users should be able to log into their account using their credentials.
3.2 PDF Upload and Processing

- PDF Upload: Users should be able to upload up to 100 PDF files at once. The system needs to handle such bulk uploads efficiently and securely.
- PDF Processing: After upload, the system should automatically process the PDFs to extract the necessary information for grading.

3.3 ESG Report Grading

- Auto Grading: The system will use predefined criteria to automatically grade each ESG report.
- Grading Adjustment: Users should be able to adjust the grading criteria for their reports.

3.4 Dashboard Visualization

- Data Extraction: After grading, the system should extract necessary data from the ESG reports and send them to PowerBI for dashboard generation.
- Dashboard Access: Users should be able to access and interact with the dashboard, displaying key metrics and findings from the graded ESG reports.

1 4. Technical Architecture

The system will be developed on a MEAN (MongoDB, Express.js, Angular.js, Node.js) stack. Express.js will handle server-side operations, Angular.js will be used for the frontend, MongoDB for the database, and Node.js as the runtime environment. The PDF processing and grading logic will be built using suitable Node.js libraries. The integration with PowerBI will be done using its API.

1 5. Development Timeline

A detailed development timeline will be created once all the features are finalized and prioritized. It is important to include testing and debugging time in this timeline to ensure a high-quality product.

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