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1 CRM System - Customer

CRM system streams existing customers to maximize customer value and avoid customer loss. The system automatically monitors the sales staff to follow up and improve the transaction rate. CRM系統通過流轉現有客戶來最大化客戶價值並避免客戶流失。系統會自動監視銷售人員以跟進並提高交易率。
HR 人力資源
Conduct employee life cycle management, support multiple attendance system management, support multiple sets of compensation systems and salary standards.進行員工生命週期管理,支持多種考勤系統管理,支持多套薪酬體系和薪水標準。
Work 工作
The system can provide customized contract management process and follow up project process based on personnel, time, completion schedule, etc. It can manage taskbar and task calendars to realize the organic combination of business normalization and flow efficiency.該系統可以根據人員,時間,完成時間表等提供定制的合同管理流程和後續項目流程。它可以管理任務欄和任務日曆,以實現業務標準化和流程效率的有機結合。
Finance 財政
Allowing managers to properly cope with company expenses and reduce business operation risks. It not only makes daily expenses and management fees clear but also enables enterprises to have a deeper understanding of cost. 允許經理適當地應付公司費用並降低業務運營風險。它不僅使日常支出和管理費用清晰明了,而且使企業對成本有更深入的了解。
Other functions (messages , events , notice board , reports) 其他功能(消息,事件,公告板,報告)
Includes internal employee communications, schedule management, task notifications, task report records, financial report records and so on 包括內部員工溝通,日程表管理,任務通知,任務報告記錄,財務報告記錄等

1 eShop

* Shopping Cart
* Simple Checkout
* Inventory Management System
* User make order through eShop and notify Manager through Mobile alert and email.
* Create order and note
* Create store / inventory control.
* Inventory Management and alert of stock shortage.
* Inventory control, alert storage and stock, monitoring, and tracking of delivery items.
* Identify pieces of inventory with a unique serial number.
* System administration that allows user to upload new items.

1 Free web hosting

1-year free hosting
server setup
Cloud server

1 IT consultant Service

IT strategy includes:

A business-IT alignment plan to reinforce business processes with IT and introduce new digital business models, if needed.
A more mature IT operating model to improve operational efficiency.
An IT sourcing plan to cover skill gaps at an optimal cost. We segment your IT needs and determine which functions are better to be implemented in-house or outsourced to a single or multiple providers.
An application integration plan to expand end-to-end automation, avoid functionality duplication and introduce changes at speed required by the business needs.
A plan on improving IT service reliability and application performance management.
A plan on enhancing data quality in business-critical IT systems.
A plan on ensuring IT security and compliance.

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