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Cafe De Coral

Café de Coral Centre, 5 Wo Shui Street, Fo Tan, Shatin, New Territories, Hong Kong

M365 DLP Enablement

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1 M365 DLP Enablement

- Kick-off workshop
- Requirements gathering

Current environment assessment
- Onsite/remote review of client systems to gather and capture information about existing infrastructure.
- Identify potential challenges in these solutions.
- Pre-requisites checking.
- License requirement

Work with Cafe De Coral for the prerequisite preparation
- Prepare an Enterprise Admin Account for the Data Protection related features deployment.
- Suggestion on how to enable DLP/MIP integration design on M365 Services
- Sharing on Common Best Practices DLP/MIP configuration

Work with Cafe De Coral to define data protection polices and use cases
- Conduct Workshop(s) with IT / Compliance team.
- Review existing business use cases and compliance requirements for Hong Kong end users
- Demonstrate different MIP/DLP use cases.
- Design and recommend related MIP/DLP policies and use cases based on collected information.
- Define MIP/DLP data protection policies for Cafe De Coral

Enable O365 Security Configuration
- Enable DLP for Microsoft 365
- Configure DLP for Office 365 (Exchange Online)
- Configure sensitive info types based on default PII information
- Configure DLP policies, notifications, and actions in Exchange Online. Limit up to 2 DLP policies and 10 rules per policy.
- Deploy to Pilot users to cover pilot Departments
- Dashboard and Reporting configuration
- Configure email alert
- Configure admin notification
- Configure role-based account and user assignment
- Enable MIP for Microsoft 365
- Setup up to MIP Manual Label policy and Integration with Exchange Online
- Configure different labels/classifications for different actions
- User Acceptance Test

Project handover
- Configuration document for DLP/MIP
- Half day skill transfer to cover M365 DLP/MIP Administration
- Project closure workshop

Sub Total $160,000.00
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Total $160,000.00

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