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Ronald Hang Ho Tao

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Technical Details


  • Tech Stack: Develop the solution with Java Spring Boot for backend services and Vue.js for the frontend interface. Utilize PostgreSQL for database management unless project-specific needs dictate otherwise.
  • Data Handling and Security: The system must aggregate data from all 20 energy units bi-hourly. This information must be encrypted and stored securely online with a minimum storage duration of 10 years.
  • Data Representation: Provide an interactive interface displaying instant data for each unit and detailed analytics over time. There should be an option for data extraction to various formats for in-depth evaluation.
  • Connectivity and Security: Access to the system should be restricted to Nova Grid's internal network with multi-factor authentication, with the possibility of connection via secured VPN for remote analysis.
  • Codebase and Records: Starting anew, as the prior system's code is inaccessible, this project will involve initial development. Nova Grid's Bitbucket repository will be used for code versioning and collaborative work.
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1 Energy Management System Overview

Operational Requirements
• Data Logging: Implement a robust data logging system for continuous energy unit data collection.
• Digital Energy Platform: Create a web platform supporting extensive data archival, instant data visualization, and analytical review.
• Security and User Management: Ensure the platform's security, with access limited to Nova Grid personnel, facilitated by a secure VPN where necessary.
• System Development: Execute full-stack development of the web application, inclusive of backend logic and user interface.
• Data Transfer and System Integration: Seamlessly integrate existing energy units into the new system, ensuring data portability and system compatibility.
• Quality Assurance and Launch: Rigorous testing phases such as unit, security, and acceptance testing should precede the system going live.
• Documentation and Empowerment: Generate detailed system documentation and provide training for the operational staff and system administrators.
• Ongoing System Care: Commit to regular system maintenance, offering support and updates as needed.
Web Operations and System Enhancement
Overview The aim is to maintain and enhance the website for Nova Grid, which can be found at [placeholder for website URL]. The primary mission is to keep the website functional, secure, and modern.
System Configuration
• Operating System: Deploy on Debian 11
• Database Platform: PostgreSQL 13
• Back-End Scripting: Python 3.9
• Web Framework: Django
• Content System: Wagtail CMS
Scope of Work
Surveillance and Upkeep
• Continuous oversight of website accessibility and efficiency.
• Regularly scheduled backups for all website content and databases.
• Updates to the OS, Python, PostgreSQL, Django, and Wagtail, maintaining their latest secure releases.
• Proactive security audits and patching of any discovered weaknesses.
• Swift action on website outages during business hours.
• Resolve any operational issues or bugs reported during business hours.
• Optimize databases to prevent latency or system failures.
• Swift recovery of data from backups when necessary, to be initiated during business hours.
Customer Support
• Offer guidance for content management using Wagtail CMS during business hours.
• Provide help with Django-related development concerns within business hours.
• Share expertise on site optimization and safety during available hours.
Support Hours Framework
• Available during business hours: 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM, Monday to Friday, excluding statutory holidays.
• For off-hour reports, evaluation and initial steps will be taken on the following workday, with prompt measures as required.
• Clients should report issues promptly, with the understanding that solutions will be sought on the following workday for after-hour reports.

Sub Total $800,000.00
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Total $800,000.00

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