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Receipt Number h-i20200635919
Receipt Date 06.09.2019
Total Paid $35,300.00
Qess Pharmcare

IT support for Qess moodle platform

Free email service with one year services - item3


Advance one year payment 100%

*Cheques should be crossed and made payable to “hazedawn Limited”

*Company bank account - Bank of China - 012-720-0-003526-8

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
1 Server hosting - Yearly

Server support for 500 concurrent
1 core
4gb ram

Aws hosting server

12 IT Support - option 1 - Monthly

IT support for web and app
8 Hours reply for IT issues related to moodle platform and app

12 Email server services - Monthly

10 email account
IMAP & SMTP setup of the mail server

1 List enhancement - per fix - per request

Per Update for the list current list reference
List enhancement support list update and bug fix

1. Drug name

2. Medical terminology with breakdown of constituent word parts

3. Word parts (prefix, root, suffix) for word formation

4. Abbreviations for interpretation of prescription (commonly used)

5. Abbreviations for interpretation of prescription (high risk / uncommonly used)

6. Abbreviations for drug dosage form

7. Abbreviations for drug class

8. Abbreviations for reading medical record

12 Qess pharmcare app store support - Monthly

Support of app store update
iOS & Android app store support
App listing and an app patch update
iOS and Android listing yearly fee (Included)