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Receipt Number h-i2020063491319
Receipt Date 12.04.2022
Total Paid $200,000.00

Development project for gammon timesheet app
2022 - Jan

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
1 gammon timesheet development

- web portal for gammon timesheet
- app support for timesheet
development scope
web portal - angular
single sign-on with windows ad
data migration
report generator
open to external users

app - react native
1. Customized workflow for each Division/Department
2. Specific Cut-off date for each BU
3. Overtime calculations
4. Support both Full Time and Part-Time
5. Support Monthly and Weekly input
6. Work from Home indicator

User requirement – System Admin
1. Business Unit Master
2. Project/Division/Department Master
3. Locations Master
a) Specific standard working hours for each location
4. Holidays Master
5. Charge Category Master
6. Charge Rate Master
a) Customized rates based on project, nature, and purpose.
b) Charge rates are recorded by period for each category

User requirement – Activity Admin
1. Customized activities by Project/Division/Department
2. Activities are grouped by categories such as overhead, recoverable,
unrecoverable etc.
3. Activities are categorized by nature such as Base Scope, Variations,
Claims, CEs etc.)