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Search engine optimization : HKD$100000

Deposit for Search engine optimization : HKD$10000

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1 Search engine optimization

1. Evaluate the current website status. In this step, we will use different tools and metrics to assess how the website is performing in terms of speed, accessibility, usability, and SEO. We will also conduct a site audit to detect any technical issues or errors that might affect the SEO, such as broken links, duplicate content, missing tags, etc. Some of the tools we will use are Google PageSpeed Insights, Google Lighthouse, Google Search Console, and Moz Pro.
2. Research the target keywords and competitors. In this step, we will use various tools to find out what keywords our potential customers are using to search for our products or services, and how competitive those keywords are. We will also analyze our competitors’ websites and see what they are doing well and what they are missing. Some of the tools we will use are Google Keyword Planner, Moz Keyword Explorer, or SEMrush for keyword research, and Moz Link Explorer, Ahrefs Site Explorer, or SimilarWeb for competitor analysis.
3.Optimize the website structure and content. In this step, we will use various tools to improve the website’s structure and content for both users and search engines. We will make sure that the website is easy to navigate and understand, and that the content is relevant and optimized for the target keywords and audience. Some of the tools we will use are Screaming Frog SEO Spider, Sitebulb, or Google Analytics for site structure optimization, and Yoast SEO, Rank Math, or Hemingway Editor for content optimization.
4. Enhance the website features and functionality. In this step, we will add or improve some features and functionality that can enhance the website’s performance and user experience. Some of the features we will consider are:
Responsive design: We will make sure that the website adapts to different screen sizes and devices to provide a consistent and optimal user experience. We will use tools like Google Mobile-Friendly Test, Responsive Design Checker, or BrowserStack to test how the website looks and works on various devices.
Schema markup: We will add schema markup to the website’s code to help search engines understand the context and meaning of our content. This can also help us generate rich snippets or enhanced results that can increase our click-through rate and visibility in search results. We will use tools like Google Structured Data Testing Tool, Generator, or Rank Ranger to create and test schema markup for our website.
AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages): We will implement AMP to our website to create fast-loading web pages for mobile devices. This can improve our website’s speed, user experience, and ranking in mobile search results. We will use tools like Google AMP Test, AMP Validator, or AMP Project to implement and validate AMP for our website.
5. Monitor and measure the website performance and SEO results. In this step, we will use various tools to track and analyze how the website is performing after implementing the SEO enhancements. We will monitor various metrics and indicators of our website performance and SEO results, such as organic traffic, rankings, conversions, bounce rate, page speed, etc. We will also use tools like Google Data Studio, Tableau, or Power BI to create dashboards and reports that can help us visualize and communicate our data effectively. 

Sub Total $10,000.00
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Total Due $10,000.00

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