Shopping Angel is an app that solves a common problem many tourists face when visiting a new country. It provides them with a library of different shops in the region that match your specific needs. Thanks to AI and reviews and feedback from other shoppers you can search for your personal fashion style, product, souvenir or gift and it will guide provide you with options near you. These options include boutique stores and local knowledge that will ensure you’re any to find something special to remember your trip.


Many tourists on shopping holidays face the struggle of carrying their shopping. This app also provides a delivery service whereby shopping can be left at the store and the ‘Shopping Angel’ will pick them up to deliver the items safely to your hotel. This means that the tourist can continue shopping and enjoying their trip without struggling with shopping bags.


Our business model will start in Hong Kong and will expand into Asia once we have a customer base. To launch this business we will partner with “Handy.” Initially we will target luxury goods and will then diversify into other products. We will partner with shops, especially small businesses, with a passion supporting local businesses and to help them boost sales. We believe shops will want to partner with us to be in the directory and to ensure their customers can use the delivery service at a cheaper rate. Delivery service is to solve the problem of carrying heavy bags around and many tourists may stop buying just because of this issue.

Shopping angel idea
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5. What is your purpose in coming to HK?
For e.g. Recommendation AI to match your personal shopping style, Delivery service and etc.
On a scale from 1-10, how would you rate the shopping experience in terms of convenience in transportation, communication and payment transaction in Hong Kong?
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9. What do you usually do when you have a lot of shopping bags to carry but you have lists of places to visit?
10. What if there’s a delivery service to deliver your shopping bags back to the hotel, would you use it? Can select more than 1 answer choice.
11. What if the delivery service is provided by reputable logistic company, would you consider using it?
12. If you don’t have to worry about carrying shopping bags around all day, what activities you think you can do more? Can choose more than 1 answer choices.