php artisan make:auth in laravel 6.0


As you may have known by now that laravel 6.0 has been out. Though it’s expected to have a lot of changes in the major release but in 6.0 there are not that many changes.

It’s more like 5.9 in terms of changes.

But one major change introduced in laravel 6.0 is the removal of

php artisan make:auth

Command. As you may know, this was used to create the authentication scaffolding. Thought the concept is not removed but just the way to implement has been changed.

The New Way

Authentication support is now added with the help of a package now. you can read in detail about it in here

Command to implement the Auth are as follows.

composer require laravel/ui
php artisan ui vue --auth

All the other stuff is the same as 5.8. Same Routes, Controller and all the stuff.

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